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Moving Past the Surface and Getting to Work

We had been working together for the past few months and getting a lot done. However, our 45-minute sessions were the only time she had set aside to focus on her business and she was itching for more. In fact, she was like so many clients who are busy working on their 9-to-5 occupation, they have no time to work on their personal business. So she decided that she wanted to spend the next three … More...


Secret to Making 2015 the Best Year Yet

I want you to think about something for a moment. What is the brick wall that is standing between you and what you desire most in life? What is that one, two or three things that is holding you back? I heard someone say recently, that unless you are in mortal danger, FEAR should be used as a compass pointing you in the direction of where you need to go most. Our deepest desires are always … More...

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You can’t do it all alone.

Two weeks ago, I sat across from a new client. It was an unexpected one-on-one session that brought up many aha's. We dove into her long-term goals and I helped her strategize on what to approach first so she didn’t find herself succumbing to the shiny object syndrome. When we were done, she paused and began to cry. She said for the first time in a long time, she felt relief. She felt validated … More...


How long are you going to ignore your calling?

Last week, as I was walking through the mall, I received a phone call from a past client. The moment I picked up the phone, I recognized her voice. “Jennifer, I need you…I am ready to work with you, when can we meet?” I told her I was headed into a dressing room but I would call her back as soon as I could look at my schedule. A week later we were sitting down to meet and the first thing … More...

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