Look around the halls of your organization. How deep is your bench? Are you leveraging the skills, talents, and expertise of your SME’s and Senior Executives? Are they currently positioned as Thought Leaders and sought out for their Industry Expertise? If not, you might be overlooking one of your organization’s biggest competitive advantages... and you don’t even know it.” - Jennifer Ransaw Smith, CEO of Brand id | Strategic Partners

Let Us Show You How to Un-Level The Playing Field by Leveraging Your Company's Talent and Elevating Their Visibility. 

You know it. Your competition knows it. Blame it on technology. Or globalization. Or culture. But the fact remains that it's harder than ever before to gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. 

The one thing that does set you apart from everyone else however, is your people. You've invested heavily in attracting, retaining and engaging the best of the best. You've given them the tools to succeed and resources to innovate. 

It's your people who make your company--and it's products and services--unique. And it's also your people who can communicate your vision, connect with your tribe and compel the marketplace to take note of what you are all about. Why aren't you using them? 

Executive Branding


Imagine being able to: 

  • Bridge the gap between your high-performing and high-potential subject matter experts (SME's) who are most knowledgeable about your products and services with those who are most comfortable on camera or stage.
  • Having a cadre of go-to people within your organization who are polished, professionally savvy and extremely informed on the subject matter; ready at a moment's notice to help elevate your brand in the marketplace. 
  • Maximizing your marketing dollars by leveraging your "internal talent to drive brand awareness (on and offline) through targeted and high-profile speaking, media and publishing opportunities. We can help if you are ready to:

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Thought Leadership Development

How often is your Leadership Team:  

  • Speaking on behalf of your organization
  • Sought out by the media as a trusted industry resource
  • Tapped by industry publications, trade or business magazines for the latest trends and insight as the "industry expert."
  • Asked to participate on high-level panels
  • Attracting new employees and clients based solely on the strength of their industry reputation 
  • Keynoting industry events

Probably not as much as you would like. Would you like to change that...


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